About the quartet

Quorus are based in the Nottingham area and perform at weddings, funerals, Care Homes and other private functions.

The group originally formed as a semi-chorus of The Saturday Singers in order to perform as a functioning ‘a cappella’ quartet.

A standard performances lasts around one hour, including a short break

They are currently:

  • Phillip Burley, Baritone
  • Andre Francis, Tenor
  • Nev Hamilton, Bass
  • Wendy Smith, Alto (who took over from Alison Rawlins - shown in many photos, who was with us for around 5 years).

We are currently not performing in accordance with government lockdown and/or other restrictions, but hope to re-assemble as soon as we can, and begin rehearsals with our new alto, Wendy.

The Masonic Hall, 2014

Clip from YouTube video, 2020


The quartet covers a wide range of music genres, from Gospel, through Madrigal and traditional, to Barbershop. A standard performances lasts around one hour, with or without a break.

Programmes from a selection of concerts are shown below:

  • Kingfishers Court, April 2018   View PDF
  • Blore Hall, Derbys, March 2017   View PDF
  • Nottingham Roundabout, May 2015   View PDF

Recent videos constructed under Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and posted to YouTube:


The quartet has collaborated or performed with various groups over the years we have been formed. These are listed:

  • The Saturday Singers. Their concerts always include a spot where we perform either two or three songs.
  • The Pye Hill and District Male Voice Choir. We had a guest spot at one their concerts in 2017 where we performed three songs.
  • Sempre. We had a split concert with this all-female group, each of us performing two sets.

Quorus and Sempre

Performing at Bloore Hall, 2015


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